About the Author

Gloria Lauris describes herself as curious and loves exploring different themes of stories she feels are worthy of telling.

The Canadian writer was born in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, and raised in Cranbrook, BC.  Ms Lauris has lived in six provinces across Canada and in three countries overseas in the Middle East and SE Asia. She has traveled through over 50 countries. She currently resides in Ottawa, Ontario. She has degrees in sociology and art history and is a retired government policy analyst, and as well is a long-time animal welfare promoter.

Gloria pens nonfiction on various topics including animals, travel, gardening and food, taking inspiration from her experiences and observations. She also co-writes anthropomorphic fiction for children with a colleague. 


Children's Fiction Stories

Backyard Buddies:
Let the Badventures Begin!


Co-authors Gloria Lauris and Allan E. Carty along with illustrator Sarah Woronchak are pleased to share the illustrated version of three middle grade children’s badventure stories. 

According to JJ’s mom, a blue jay, a badventure is a bad adventure that turns out good in the end. The stories follow the antics of Chippy, the wise chipmunk, Dash the anxious red squirrel and their backyard animal friends and foes. The importance of community, harmony and friendship is explored in a humorous and suspenseful way.


*   *   *

“The cover is very attractive and foreshadows fun and mystery. The illustrations definitely add to the book and the number of them is just right. The map of the garden works very well for reference along the way and the simplicity of the black and white drawings is perfect.  I am curious  to find out what badventures happen to these animals! A lovely read for kids and adults alike.”

Helen Rogers, Visual Artist, Ottawa ON

The Case of the Missing Nuts

Check out the first work by co-authors Allan E. Carty and Gloria Lauris. “The Case of the Missing Nuts,” is a short children’s story about the adventures of Chippy the Chipmunk and some of his backyard buddies in solving this mystery of the missing nuts.


It is featured  in Cloud Lake Literary’s digital literary magazine, Volume 2,  March 26, 2021. For more information and to order, please check out  https://www.cloudlakeliterary.ca/volume-two

Non-Fiction Articles

Don't Miss the Boat

March 23, 2023

A cruise day trip begins leisurely and results in panic. 

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Maple Leaves Forever


Transplanting these tiny saplings was a sweaty, frustrating but ultimately satisfsying labour of love. Turn to page 54 in the April/May 2023 edition of Our Canada magazine to read more. 

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Honour & Valour


Honour & Valour is a piece about Gloria’s father’s WWII war experience, published by More of Our Canada in their November, 2019 edition tribute to war veterans. 

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Egyptian Cat Hero


A blog in HoneyGuide Literary Magazine about an amazing cat who inadvertently started an animal welfare movement overseas. Read Here

Nice Rice


A quick rice journey through several culinary dishes and countries. Read Here in Skipping Stones Multicultural Literary Magazine.

The Philippines is a Rice Place to Live


Some things to consider for expats moving to the Philippines, especially for solo, retired foreign women. Read Here in Story House Magazine, the Preservation Foundation, a nonprofit book publisher.

Arthur's Odyssey


An article in The Daily Mews (UK) about a special Ottawa ON Canada cat who has a large following. Find out why here

Fiction Articles

That's Life

March 31, 2023 online in Scars TV Publication; slated for print publication August, 2023 in v210 of “Down in the Dirt” Magazine

A day in the life of a dying woman and her various reflections. And afterwards.

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